Tips for Baby's Extra Memorable Thanksgiving!

Tips for Baby's Extra Memorable Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is here, and what a perfect way to make it extra special for our little ones who are going to experience it the first or second time around! On almost all occasions, babies are often the source of everyone’s joys and laughter. Babies most certainly make everyone huddle around and spend quality time together. 

Here are some tips and tricks to make everything extra special! 

Style for Comfort on Thanksgiving

Although most of us would love to have themed cute family outfits, one important thing to consider when dressing your little ones is comfort. Their layers of clothing should be ready for any temperature. November is a cold season, but it will also depend on the number of guests you will have in the house as it affects the room temperature. 

Opt for dressing them in natural, breathable fabrics like cotton. Don’t forget to remove the tags on clothes and check for velcro edges as it may scratch and irritate the baby's skin. 

A custom crocheted hat or any sentimental handmade pieces on your baby can definitely be a conversation starter. 

Start A Thanksgiving Family Tradition 

Having everyone around the dinner table is the perfect time to engage and create meaningful connections. It’s a wonderful time to introduce gratitude to little ones at an early age. It can be as simple as sharing your favorite childhood memories and grandparents telling their iconic stories. 

Have a Photoshoot 

Whether it's with professional photographers or just you manually arranging a mini studio and taking those creative snaps, having a photoshoot is the perfect way to capture beautiful memories. Set a theme or two and pick cute outfits! Colors of oranges, browns, and yellows are best for the fall season, then match it with pumpkins, fallen leaves, and flowers.  

Make Sure to Record (Almost) Everything!

Making a video keepsake of your baby’s first Thanksgiving is definitely one for the books. Capture those small and big moments of your baby’s reaction to a giant turkey or talking/meeting relatives and friends. This will be a precious compilation to look back into in the coming years. A good idea is to ask everyone to record a quick message for your baby in the future. Stitch everything in one video and it would be nice to play it at your little one’s 5th or 6th birthday parties. 

Prepare for Your Baby’s First Feast 

If your little one is old enough to taste a few foods, make sure to separately prepare a puree of a few Thanksgiving food favorites. It can be a variety of sweet potatoes, peas, or pumpkins. You may want to avoid salt and other seasonings in baby’s mashed foods so this also requires pre-planning. 

Babies who are about to turn 1 have more options to choose from for their Thanksgiving feast. Table foods that are well-done, soft , and diced can be enjoyed, such as bread, pumpkin pie, raw veggies, and turkey. 

Thanksgiving Travels with Baby

If you are planning to travel with your baby on Thanksgiving, it’s best to be prepared with everything. Crowded airports and congested streets can be stressful for both you and your baby, so make sure to take all the necessary precautions before you leave the house. 

Carry your baby's essentials in one tote. If you’re flying, it’s best not to check this bag and keep it with you at all times. 

Don’t forget to bring special items from home. Babies might be rattled or overstimulated by unfamiliar surroundings and a special blanket or stuffed toy can help ease and calm them down. 

Try to keep the baby's usual napping and feeding schedule as long as possible. 

Be sure to know your infant’s boundaries and know when to stop. Thanksgiving may require plenty of photos and videos, as well as socializing and meeting new friends and relatives, but make sure that you are in tune with your little one’s mood. If they show signs of irritability, it’s best to give them occasional breaks in separate and quieter rooms. 

Be Grateful. 

Once you manage to get over the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, it will be fulfilling. No matter how you choose to celebrate, don’t forget to bathe in every valuable moment of your baby’s Thanksgiving experience. It will forever be rewarding! 

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