5 Amazing Benefits of Using Cotton Rope Baby Changing Basket

5 Amazing Benefits of Using Cotton Rope Baby Changing Basket

It’s Organic!

Just like Ecoade’s baby changing basket created with 100% cotton to guarantee the safety and comfort of your baby, baskets made of cotton rope are considered organic. By using organic and eco-friendly products, you are guaranteeing that your baby would be safe and won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals. You are also avoiding complications or anything that would harm your baby’s skin or health in general. It’s always best to use products that would give you the best value and would not harm our environment.

It’s Lightweight and Portable

As mums, the last thing we want is to carry heavy things when we go out with our baby. This is why Ecoade created a baby changing basket that parents would love. It’s totally lightweight and portable so you can carry it anywhere you go. You can easily fold it in half and stick it in your bag. Don’t worry about creases on the bag, it will regain its shape easily.

It will guarantee the comfort of your baby

A cotton rope basket usually comes with a foam pad. Ecoade stepped this up by including a soft cover made of cotton that will ensure the baby’s comfort. It’s machine washable so it doesn’t have a complicated care tips.


A baby changing basket that can be used in multiple ways is always a good deal. If you want to do a photoshoot for your baby, a changing topper should be on your photoshoot themes. When the time comes that your baby is not so baby anymore, you can repurpose it as a toys, books or clothes organizer, or even a pet bed! It’s always fun to repurpose things that you don’t use anymore.  

Delightful Baby Gift

On gifting, a cotton rope changing basket would always be a good choice. Parents would surely be delighted to have an eco-friendly, lightweight, portable, comfortable and trendy baby changing basket. Seriously, what’s not to love with that. It would be memorable for the parents who are welcoming a precious addition to their family.  

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