6 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-friendly life

6 Easy Ways to Live an Eco-friendly life

Taking a step towards the eco-friendly living can take a lot of turns. Whether it’s our habits or hobbies that we can’t let go, or our conveniences that we can’t give up, remember that every little step we make towards an eco-friendly life deserves a warm hug from mother earth!

Here are some easy ways we can do towards eco-friendly living: 

Don’t buy plastic! Invest in eco-friendly products

Products that are sold with less or no plastics is always a good investment. Be more diligent and conscious when buying products. Choose those that are sold with less or no plastic at all. Say for example, you can switch to shampoo and conditioner bars, instead of buying those sold in the bottles.

Always carry a canvas or eco-bag wherever you go. That will come in handy when you suddenly remember you needed to buy something. You will avoid using plastic bags also especially if plastic bags are not banned in your area.

Another easy way to avoid buying plastic is to always bring your tumbler or portable thermos flask with you. Most coffee shops nowadays offer discounts to those who bring their own tumblers. If you love taking out coffee, you’ll save money at the same time you help reduce garbage. How cool is that.

Strive to use eco-friendly technologies

Since we can’t seem to stay away from using technologies in our daily life, make sure to find and purchase products that are eco-friendly.

Aside from switching off electronic devices when not in use, make sure to use LED lights. They use less power and they last longer.

Another product we can suggest is using microwaves instead of ovens. Microwaves are more energy-efficient than conventional ovens. There’s a variety of meals you can cook using a microwave too!

Eat Less and Less Meat

Animal farming is one of the major source of greenhouse gas emissions. It is also the largest cause of air and water pollution. Aside from the regulations being put in place to limit livestock production, as individuals we can also do our part by eating less meat. It’s one way to reduce animal production.

It’s a healthy way to show our care for mother earth.

Recycle or Repurpose Everything

Recycling and repurposing everything is fun. It’s amazing that a lot of things we have can become entirely something new after just a few tweaks and a little bit of creativity. We have youtube and pinterest to thank for the many ideas we get from creators.

Even a baby blanket, food jars, shoe boxes can become a whimsical basket, hanging lights, wall art and many more.

Support Local Products

The more you buy local products from your daily need to your clothes, the less carbon you are creating or encouraging. Products from abroad creates more pollution due to the carbon dioxide emitted in transporting the products.

Why not support local businesses and help improve the local economy? I’m sure you can find good quality with reasonable prices in your locality.

Limit Flying, Driving

Travelling may be a healing experience for some of us, but if we can limit our flights to important trips or once-in-a-while travel for leisure, that would really help reduce the impact of air transport to the environment.

The recent pandemic has forced us to look into other ways of transacting internationally without flying to the business site. And it showed us that it’s not impossible to do business without flying.

Let’s limit driving everyday. If it’s not so urgent, better use public transport to get to your destination. Better yet, schedule when will you drive and when will you use public transpo. Biking to work is also a good alternative. Save gas, save the environment and stay healthy.  

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