How Important Is Quality Sleep for Our Babies?

How Important Is Quality Sleep for Our Babies?

Aside from obvious reasons, have you ever given a long thought about why sleep is so vital in the growth and development of your baby? Seeing them snoring soundly and looking like angels definitely gives us that loving relief, but we’re here to give you another reason to feel great whenever your bundle of joy falls asleep. 

For starters, a deep and restorative sleep plays an important role in the cognitive development of our infants. An essential layer of fat called myelin forms around nerve fibers during sleep. Recent research shows that there are certain connections between the left and right hemispheres of children’s brains that are being strengthened during sleep -- helping the brain functions to mature. 

Restorative and deep sleep is also critical in the development of language, attention, and impulse control. Brain activity during sleep has a direct effect on a child’s ability to learn and may even affect developmental and mood disorders. 

Long story short, sleep builds your baby’s brain. 

So how do I support my baby’s sleep? 

Learning about all those necessary facts leads us to an important question. How then can we give our babies the restorative, deep rest they need for brain development? Follow these five simple steps. 

  1. Feed your baby before bedtime. Make sure that your baby is not hungry when you put them to bed. 
  2. Have a nighttime routine and regular sleep schedule. Put your baby to bed at the same time every night and be sure to stick with it. Start a nighttime routine that includes feeding, bath, etc. 
  3. Know the signs of sleepiness. You have to spring into action at the first sign of sleepiness and place them in their cribs. Pro tip: Using a rocking stand can be very helpful in elevating melatonin (sleep hormones). Ecoade’s Moses Basket Rocking Stand offers the perfect gentle back and forth rocking motion that primes your baby's brain and body to drift off with little fuss. 
  4. Swaddle your baby. Babies definitely sleep better when wrapped in a blanket. Don’t give up on swaddling, even if sometimes your baby hates it. You’ll get better with practice and make sure to try out different types of swaddle. Start with Ecoade’s Muslin Blanket made of 100% cotton, which wraps snugly with its breathable, lightweight, and spacious feature. 
  5. Take full advantage of their alert/awake time. Providing interesting things for your baby to engage with by day makes them more likely to sleep well at night. Have fun conversations with them, or maybe give them sensory toys to play with. Ecoade’s Wooden Play Gym supports a newborn’s sensory development. It has baby toys that help with their hand-eye coordination. 

Try out these sleep-training routines on your baby and help them with their brain development. And guess what, a sleeping baby means getting your much needed rest as well! 


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